Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Elementary, My Dear Watson

This week on Jeopardy, two of the best contestants in the show's history are facing off against Watson, a supercomputer developed by IBM to process information and answer questions accordingly.

What does Jeopardy have to do with Oberlin?  Well, we're one of the few liberal arts colleges in the nation to also possess a supercomputer. While Watson runs on 90 servers, we're not too far behind at 70. Watson can work through intricacies, nuances, and double-meanings of words; our supercomputer can process and research data sets for chemistry, physics, astrophysics (a student recently discovered a new pulsar in the center of the Milky Way) and computational biology.

"This college's graduates earn more PhDs every year than any other liberal arts college in the country."
"What is Oberlin?"

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