Monday, February 15, 2010

Back in the OC

After five months of amazing adventures in New Zealand followed by three less exciting months at home, I'm finally back in Oberlin for my last semester. Not only is this my last semester as an undergrad, but it's also my last softball season EVER. I was unusually nervous about returning to Oberlin; my friends and teammates had had a whole semester together creating memories and of course, practicing. I, on the other hand, was M.I.A., which I feared would leave me out of the social loop and well as drastically out of shape compared to everyone else. Thankfully I was wrong and my reunion with the team went smoothly.

Practice has kept us all on our toes. Thanks to pitching, practicing, conditioning and lifting there isn't a part of my body that hasn't been sore this first week, and undoubtedly I am not the only one. We have eleven on the team this year and there will definitely be some challenges to come, especially when it comes to the various positions everyone will be playing. However, I am confident that everyone, including myself, will put their all into the season this year, making it one to remember.

Cheers for now,

Jen Sees, #15

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