Monday, February 22, 2010

Tour de France

Hello! I am here to just give a fun little update on what I have been up to this past year as a recent Oberlin graduate. Since the beginning of October I have been living and working in Alençon, France (lower Normandy) as an English language assistant. I decided to take the job because I studied French in college and wanted to take a year off before going to grad school, and I thought that living and working in France would help me out a bit. It’s been great so far!

I’ve been able to travel on school breaks and meet new people from different parts of the world. I live with a Spanish assistant and a German assistant, so the common language in the house is French. For fall break I went with my Spanish housemate, Celi, to Barcelona for 10 days. I speak no Spanish. But, we stayed with her family and they were wonderful hosts. For winter break I went with another English assistant to Wales to stay with her and her family for the holidays. Even though it is an English-speaking country, it was still a different cultural experience. There were lots of castles and pubs and enough strange British people to make the whole vacation rather interesting...I really want to go back! We even went to Liverpool, and I got to see the nightclub where the Beatles started out (that was particularly amazing for me)! Once the weather is nicer I want to take some trips to the south of France to enjoy the sun and Mediterranean, which is really just an excuse for me to take the TGV (high speed rail) around the country.

You'll hear from me again soon....

Michelle Zanni, Oberlin '09

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