Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back in Oberlin

The last two days have been really busy, so I haven't had time to blog. On Friday, we beat MIT for the third time, and played our last games of Spring Break. We went back to the hotel, where Baldy challenged Sophie to the Half Gallon Challenge (which is similar to the Gallon Challenge, where a person drinks a gallon of milk in an hour). They drank half a gallon of milk each in 45 minutes, Sophie drinking chocolate milk, Baldy drinking regular. They survived, but only Baldy completed the challenge. Afterward, we had a cook-out by the pool, and played Scrabble and a lyric game that Baldy made up. We had a ton of fun, then went upstairs and watched A League of Their Own, and some stayed up to watch Love, Actually.
On Saturday, we had to check out, so we spent a lot of the morning packing and cleaning up the hotel rooms. After we checked out, half of the team stayed at the hotel and did homework, while the other half went to see another Florida Gulf Coast University softball game. We only stayed for the first game, but FGCU beat ETSU by a lot. We went to the airport, where we played another game of Historical Figures, then got on the plane to come home.
Overall, most of the upperclassmen decided that this Spring Break was one of the most fun and exciting that they had experienced. We have already won more games than all of last season, and everyone is looking forward to playing this season.

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