Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey girl, hey

We played two more games today, lost both, but we're still optimistic about tomorrow. There is no chance we are losing to Colby again. No chance. Tomorrow...they're goin' down. And so is MIT. They're Engineers and Beavers; we got this. Then we went to the Florida Gulf Coast University game vs. University of South Carolina - Upstate. FGCU is ranked, like, in the top 25 or something. They were pretty good. This girl Cheyenne Jenks hit two homeruns in one game, and she went yard on a rise ball where they were trying to intentionally walk her. It was unreal. She refused to be walked. Unsurprisingly, FGCU won both. For dinner, Sophie made us a really, really good meal of fettuccine alfredo and rotini with tomato sauce and garlic bread. But that put us in a catatonic state, and we are all really tired. Bed time is nigh!

P.S. This was not really written by only Megan but with sincere help from her other team members (who made it better).

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