Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Put on your shades!

The thing about softball is, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Today, we did both. The weather was awesome, and the sun shone all day, which is something we have been missing in Ohio. After our games, we saddled up and went to Sun Harvest Citrus, a store that sells oranges, orange samples, and above all, really good ice cream, smoothies and milk shakes. Bob Zanni offered to take us there and give us some treats after our hard work. We showered, feasted upon cold cuts and cheese sandwiches, and geared up for mini golf! What a trip! Guess who won? Bob Zanni and Mr. Kuchta, with scores of 39. Adrienne came in a close second with 42. Our rousing game made us all hungry, so we went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. The underclassmen ordered A TON of pizza, while the seniors and the coaches went out for a nice dinner at a Hibachi grill. A movie fest ensued after dinner - one half of the team watched Remember the Titans, while the other half watched Moulin Rouge (a far superior film). Neeedless to say, fun was had by all. A trip to the beach is the game plan for tomorrow, but right now, we are all pretty tired. So, goodnight, all!!

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