Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Senior moment

So we're back on the field practicing for the Fall. It feels really nice. I only felt old at the first practice. And, man did I feel old. Just really slow to get warmed up. Shouldn't I be at the peak of my physical condition? Isn't that what being almost twenty-one is about?

I mean, being a senior certainly leaves me with some perspective about this "back on the field" situation. And that also makes me feel old. I am not the oldest person on the team by years, certainly not (actually I'm the youngest of the seniors), but I do have the same amount of experiences that they all have. And those three previous years of stepping out onto the field makes me feel old. Luckily, I still love it, and I really wouldn't stop playing softball for anything. So maybe that will make me feel young again. Oh the paradoxes of being the oldest grade in a group of young people!

But I'm sure I will have more philosophical ramblings and/or fun stories soon.

Julia Chauvin, #9

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